School Projects

Building Schools, Empowering Communities

The D.K. Kim Cambodia Foundation is committed to advancing Cambodia’s youth by making education accessible to them in the earliest stages of life.  By making education accessible to Cambodia’s youth, they will become empowered to advance Cambodia socially, scientifically, and economically.

There are two projects underway, funded by the D.K. Kim Cambodia Foundation, aimed at expanding the number of youth educated in Cambodia. The first program is dedicated to financing and managing the construction of schools in areas of Cambodia that are isolated from education. The second, Global Leadership High School, is committed to educating high school students with a global perspective to prepare them for international schooling and career opportunities.

Education in Rural Cambodia

Providing access to education and a path to success to youth in the remote areas of Cambodia.

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Global Leadership High School

Broadening Cambodia’s youth global perspective and preparing them for international schooling and career opportunities.

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