The Global Leadership High School

Preparing students to lead Cambodia

Educate future leaders of Cambodia who will influence and lead the country in social, economic, and scientific growth.

In today’s globalized world, the importance of communicating on a worldwide scale is necessary for advancement and growth.  In exposing and preparing students to become global citizens, they will be able to promote Cambodia and share its unique qualities to the rest of the world, while working to improve its education and eradicate its poverty.

Global Leadership High School in Sihanoukville, Cambodia  is the future of D.K. Kim Cambodia Foundation’s commitment to providing Cambodia’s youth with education on par with the developed world.  Global Leadership High School will develop and prepare students to lead and direct Cambodia in today’s globalized culture and economy. It will do this by engaging students in a challenging and unique setting, combining Cambodia’s own Khmer curriculum and special programs in foreign languages, global citizenship, and technology.

Students will have access to academic and professional tools to prepare them to make them competitive applicants for higher learning institutions and jobs in the global workforce.

The success of students will be achieved by operating under the guidelines of four values promoted by the high school:

  • Altruistic Mind in Education
  • Global Citizenship in Education
  • Intensive Multiple Language Training
  • Information Technology Training.

School Model

The school is modeled to be an elite high school with the highest quality education for Academic and Professional Advancement.  To make these students global competitors capable of leading Cambodia in this globalized world, students will be required to undertake intense foreign language skills, global leadership training, information Technology training and industry specific electives.  Furthermore, the school will continue to support its students with its college guidance and career center, along with creating opportunities for students with their global partnerships and collaborations with governments, international non-governmental organizations, other schools, and local industries.

School Development


Online classrooms and modern facilities will promote the school’s mission.  Students are secure and are provided with regular health checks.


Student Exchange Program – will be with Korean and American Schools. Scholarships will be provided.

Global Leadership High School will also have ongoing relationships with NGOs and International Companies to increase career opportunities for students and provide internships and job training.