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                The success of the school will be a combined effort from its engaging curriculum, capable faculty, elite students, and modern facilities.

4 Elements of Implementation

  •  The Core: Khmer Curriculum- Cambodian School Management
    The Khmer curriculum is designed to achieve academic excellence and will be modified to be responsive to the global requirements
  • Most Advanced e-Learning System
    Online learning will standardize the quality of instruction and apply innovative teaching methods and student management
  • Best instruction: Quality Contents & Competent Teachers
    Cambodian teachers will be credentialed as per the Ministry of Education
    American teachers will be recruited for ESL; Korean and US for global leadership training, along with special guest lecturers for special elective courses
    Special elective courses will benchmark programs from Korea and the United States
    Training for teachers to ensure high rate of retention
  • Long-term Academic and Professional Career Development Support
    Counseling for individual students geared to help them succeed
    Promote students to colleges for successful admission results
    Promote students to governments, NGOs and private companies for successful job placement.


A three year high school, Global Leadership High School will encompass an intense curriculum approved by the Cambodian Ministry of Education that will develop each student and help them reach their potential.  The curriculum will have enhanced qualities to distinguish it from other schools. It will have Global Leadership classes, Intensive Foreign Languages, Information Technology Training, and Industry Specific Training.

Global Leadership- Students will be instructed in global awareness using such topics as world history and culture in addition to global issues.

Intensive Foreign Language Instruction- Students will study English and Korean, prepare for certificates and proficiency exams, and will be prepared in the appropriate terminology for the industries they study, such as accounting and hospitality.  Global leadership classes and high level elective classes will be taught in English.

Information Technology Training-  Basic computer, internet, and practical office work applications such as Microsoft Office will be taught to students.  In addition, they will have classes in graphic, commercial and industrial applications such as Photoshop and CAD. Students will also be able to learn about programming and other advanced computer skills such as C language and Visual Basic.

Industry Specific Electives- Students will be able to choose from industry specific electives in fields such as IT, hospitality management, accounting, and education.  They will have opportunities for internships and on the job training, which will count towards their diploma.  Their training will prepare them for certification, and the Career Center will assist them with job placement.

Three Year Curriculum

First Year- First Years at Global Leadership High School will be presented with a well-rounded curriculum. Khmer Curriculum will include the Khmer Language, Cambodian history and culture, mathematics and science.  Foreign language instruction will engage the student with intense English lessons, an introduction to Korean, and language workshops. Guidance will be provided to help the students study.  Global Citizenship Development classes will include courses in ethics, physical education, global citizenship, and leadership training.

Second Year- Khmer, Math and Science intensive courses, Economics and Government/Politics will be emphasized.  English classes will also be continued, and Korean will be taught at an advanced level.  Electives will be taught in English.  Students will take classes in OS software and internet skills, as well as Office Suites such as Microsoft Office.  Basic programming languages and familiarity with applications will round out their education in Information Technology.

Third Year- Students will take one of two paths: College Preparatory Academic Path or the Industry-Specific Career Path.  Students choosing the former will take college preparatory electives as well as advance their language training. They will study global leadership electives and take their college entrance exams.  Under the latter, students will continue language intensive courses, take industry specific electives, continue developing advanced computer skills, and be provided with on the job training.