About Us

Mission and Vision of the D.K. Kim Cambodia Foundation


The D.K. Kim Cambodia Foundation supports and educates Cambodia’s youth to strengthen their ability to lead Cambodia in social, economic, and scientific growth.


We Believe…

  • That the next generation is our future. The world will become a better place when we invest our resources into the next generation.
  • That Jesus is our living God and we have been called to bring the good news to the entire world. We are here to disseminate Christian values to our society.
  • That financial self-sufficiency dignifies human life. Through effective training and education, poverty can be avoided and hope will be granted.

The Foundation will…

  • Focus on raising the future leaders of our societies by supporting an educational institution that meets our vision.
  • Create a learning environment where the next generation is taught valuable skills and Christian values.
  • Give tools to those in need to become financially self-sufficient and self-reliant.