Of the D.K. Kim Cambodia Foundation

The D.K. Kim Foundation, Inc. was started in 2003 by Dong Koo Kim, a successful business entrepreneur residing in Southern California. Motivated by the missionaries who helped create opportunities for him during his childhood in a Korea divided by war, he realized that education as the unparalleled endeavor and investment for society.  Before he formed the Foundation, Mr. Kim had been a generous donor to leading U.S. educational institutions such as the University of California at Berkeley. He saw the impact that he could be making on the lives of individual through his participation and he wanted to make his act of benevolence more systematic and meaningful. Thus, the Foundation was created.  Mr. Kim was committed to doing more however, and began to focus and extend his efforts to Cambodia.

The D.K. Kim Cambodia Foundation was founded in May of 2010. D.K. Kim is committed to achieving a Cambodia eradicated from poverty. It has evolved from a foundation awarding scholarships for post-secondary education and has added to its agenda building and administrating schools for students in middle school and high school.  By strengthening its youth through higher education, the D.K. Kim Cambodia Foundation empowers Cambodia to succeed in today’s globalized culture through social, economic, and scientific growth.